Students - your time has come!

2020 (so far) has been, well, a mood.

So, what does that mood look like to you in an image? In a magazine cover?

It's the school holidays and we know we've got some creative people out there, so here's the outlet you've been waiting for! The Life editorial team has the following planned, specifically for secondary school students (Year 9-13) to enter:

  1. A photo competition (theme explained below)
  2. A magazine cover competition

What you'll win:

  • Your work will be published in edition 8 of The Life, due for release later this year
  • Free copies of the magazine for both yourself and your school
  • Your work featured on The Life's social media channels

Photo competition

The theme is 2020 (yes, the year). That’s broad at first glance – let me explain. We’re only half way through the year, yet it feel like a lifetime. COVID-19, the Australian wildfires, Black Lives Matter, the escalating Trump administration and many other factors – it’s a lot to take in. It's hard to imagine what all of that must feel like for someone who hasn’t reached their twenties yet. We're interested in seeing young people’s perspectives on 2020 come to life through the photography medium. The image needs to encapsulate what 2020 has meant to you. It can be artistic, avant-garde, curated, conceptual; anything they want really. There just needs to be a short explanation to go with it.

Magazine cover competition

This is students’ opportunity to design a magazine cover – a cover you want to see; that best represents your interests. The only criteria is that it needs to have a Southland connection (i.e. justify what makes the cover appropriate for a Southland magazine). Students must completely create their own original cover – this means entries that use images of celebrities or images that are not owned by the entrant are not allowed (due to copyright law and licensing agreements).

If you need guidance on this, they are more than welcome to get in touch with The Life team (

Entries close on July 24. Get the full breakdown of entry here.